iMessage App Download App for Windows PC, iPhone & Android

iMessage can create and share content, add stickers, make adjustments, and more in iMessage discussions without having to switch to separate apps. We could develop standalone iMessage apps or the addition of existing iOS apps. Editors can also create standalone sticker apps without writing any code.

According to Sensor Tower, the iMessage app repository will have around 5,000 messaging apps. iMessage is generally an extension of apple corporation. While iMessage On Android practices traditional text messaging, iPhone maintains multimedia text messaging along with the emojis and other special purposes.

Access App or Get Assistance

iMessage On Android is instant messaging assistance. It works identical to WhatsApp or Hike, but it helps more purposes. Using iMessage On Android empowers you to generate your own personalized stickers and attractive messages.

The latest device also enables you to create users’ own emoji avatar and those with iMessage On Android to examine yourself better. Either way, individuals can still use traditional text messages to talk to other people, but it is expensive in some areas.

iMessage has certain properties that distinguish it from others:

  • iMessage is more preferable than SMS or MMS.
  • Delivery and reports read/consulted.
  • It works via wi-fi.
  • Even if you don’t have cell phone data, you can still send SMS.
  • Supports Apple stickers, live photos, and emojis.
  • Supports emojis.
  • iMessage has no character limitations.
  • Possibility of uploading photos and videos.
  • iMessage comes with end to end encryption for combined security and privacy.
  • Users can send text messages from the iMac or Macbook.
Official NameiMessage App
UsageChatting, Messaging
UsersApple, Windows, Android
ExtensionsChrome Extensions

How To Use iMessage For Windows?

Apple’s iMessage is now only accessible for iPhone, iPad, and Mac projects. This is Apple’s harsh existence. They do not constitute software products for other users. Exclusively from Apple! But don’t worry, there are other alternatives to correctly download iMessage For Windows.

There are different schemes that you can use to handle the iMessage service on Windows. For some methods, it operates with jailbreak tools. And if users don’t want to jailbreak, we also have other methods. Let’s see certain methods to download and use iMessage On PC!

Download iMessage for Windows without jailbreak

If individuals don’t have an unlocked iPhone but still need to download iMessage on PC, don’t bother, this specific article got it for all the users. There is perpetually a way to use iMessage services on Windows computers. To do this, you require to install the iPadian emulator. In this windows emulator, users can register and use it by performing iMessage Download.

There is no separate iMessage App for Windows operating system. However, users can try other purposes to use iMessage for Windows versions like 7,8,8,1,10. Some of the summits listed here may need while others may need payment. There is no straight way to use Apple iMessage on the windows PC.

iMessage for Windows with Chrome Remote Desktop

Here are the measures and appropriate steps to use iMessage For Windows with Chrome Remote Desktop. Individuals need a device with iMessage On PC if they have a Windows operating system. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome extension on the Windows PC. Users must add the CRD extension to Chrome on Mac and Windows.

  • Click the CRD icon to start the RAS website on both devices.
  • Download the remote path file for Windows or Mac here.
  • Install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host on Windows.
  • Install the RAS file on a Windows PC in the same way.
  • Enable remote access, add a PIN code, and complete setup.
  • Click Remote Support and make the access code.
  • Now open the Remote Assistance tab in Windows and enter the password created.

It’s done! Now you can remotely access the iMessage and other apps on the Windows PC.

iMessage For PC with Chrome Desktop Support

Users can install macOS on a Windows PC to quickly access all the purposes of the computer. While these emulators or virtual organizations don’t certainly cause data loss, we recommend that users format one or two barriers on the fly, particularly when installing the macOS software on an iMessage For Windows. It is constantly better to be on the more harmless side as well. Accordingly, a full backup is always prescribed.

Using the iPadian emulator

iPadian software is one of the most widespread emulators. The software has a very clean interface that seems a lot like an iPad. Just install an iPadian and begin utilizing the apps. iPadian is not a perfect emulator, but it resembles the iOS user interface on PC.

You can’t cover all the store apps on iPadian, but the emulator itself has a local app store where users can choose from multiple apps. The application needs Adobe Air on the PC installed to function as it was revealed on this platform. Check out some of the specific features of the iPadian hereby for the user’s acknowledgment.

  • Clean, clear cover for an iPad feel
  • Needs little power to operate
  • Users can play games and another app smoothly
  • Native app to download millions of relevant apps.

How to use iMessage Online on iPadian?

Get started by downloading and installing the iPadian app on Windows

  • After installation, activate the emulator.
  • Locate the iMessage app
  • Save the number in the iMessage app and voila!
  • Now users can use iMessage For PC to transmit and receive information.

This method is a bit expensive since the iPadian costs about $ 25. But it’s deserving the price because users can use iMessage Online assistance on the Windows computer!

iMessage For Windows iPadian

Download iMessage For PC Windows for unlocked devices

This method requires an open iPhone device. You can also enable some features, such as iMessage remote login. So if users have an unlocked iPhone, we have a few systems that you can use to run iMessage on the Windows computer.

Remote message method

In this method, we install third-party jailbreak assistance that allows us to use iMessage For PC and its entangled services on the Windows computer.

  • First, download the remote messaging frames on your iPhone from the site.
  • Now go to iPhone settings and go to Remote Messaging section
  • Activate remote messaging services.
  • Enable remote messaging
  • Here users can configure the IP address and port amount of the service.
  • Check the IP address and also the port.
  • You can select a port number of your choice between 0 and 65535.

Allow authentication and depict a username and password for the connection.
Set your appropriate username and relevant password

  • Now go to the Windows PC and open the Chrome browser.
  • Individuals can also use Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Enter the IP address held by the port number in the original format
  • Enter the IP address and port in the browser
  • Now log in with your registered credentials.

Now, users can use the iMessage Online App as iMessage For PC.

How to get iMessage on your MAC?

For your acknowledgment, let’s start with the basics first. Here we describe the steps to access the iMessage Download App on the MAC computer or relevant device. Next, we will start the five methods to download iMessage On Mac for the device. These are the relevant steps to configure iMessage Online on the Mac devices:

  • Open your MAC and search for this messaging app in the search app section.
  • Users can locate the app just below the taskbar.
  • Open the iMessage On Mac and log in with the registered Apple ID.
  • If users don’t have one, click Create New Apple ID and generate a new one.
  • Once you are logged in, go to Messages in the menu, click on the Settings and go to iMessage.
  • Finally, register your number and email address that you need to associate with the iMessage account.
  • After following the steps above, users are perfectly able to run iMessage On Mac devices.
  • Now have fun messaging all your colleagues and you can sync your chat data from iPhone to iPad, also iPad to MAC, and MAC to iPhone as entirely.

iMessage On Mac applications support you to collaborate with other personalities in a conversation. The app assists all the users to decorate messages with stickers, share a title, and likewise without leaving messages.

iMessage App

Download the latest version of iMessage On Mac Download for iOS or iPadOS on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Make sure the device is engaged in iTunes and App Store with the registered Apple ID.

Individuals can find and download apps to use with iMessage On Mac from the iMessage Online App Store. Here is the perfect way to do it in the Apple registered devices.


  • Click on the App Store icon to reach the App Store for the iMessage App.
  • Click on the Get icon or the price icon close to the app and then tap on install.
  • You may need to enter the Apple ID password to accomplish your purchase.
  • Click on the back bar to return to your message.
  • Users, after downloading the app, they can locate it in the app drawer.

Some forms allow you to make further purchases within the app. When arranging up the Family Sharing feature of the iMessage App, individuals can use the Purchase Request to follow app downloads and in-app purchases.

Manage iMessage App On the mac devices

Individuals can add iMessage On Mac by the apps to your concerning folder for quick access to the home app drawer. Users can also change or rearrange the apps in the app drawer, eliminate unwanted apps, etc. Here the steps are mention to operate the iMessage app accordingly.

  • Swipe left and they can find at the app drawer and then tap on the More icon.
  • In the upper right corner, tap Edit:
  • Touch to join an application to your favorites section.
  • To eliminate an app from favorites, touch, and Extract from the favorites section.
  • To shift the apps in the app drawer, long-press on it and move the apps in any direction you want.
  • Uncheck the crate to sneak an app.
  • Click on the Done section.

Export More Than Messages With iMessage

Access your iPhone messages from the PC or Mac. iMessage App can seek and save all the SMS, MMS, and iMessage messages, inclusive of the things mentioned below for the user’s assistance.

Message status assistance is seen on the app as sent, transferred, or read by the next person. All attachments in the iMessage App includes the section of transferring the photos, videos, audio, communications, location, links to the next person.

Print messages from iPhone

Show the point you want to make and also your section of view with your mentioned and entangled posts. iMessage App provides you an option to print related chats from your iPhone or even recover them from a backup. Print options of the app include the functions and features mentioned hereby.

  • Paper Size: US Letter, Legal, Executive, A4-A6
  • Scale, margins, and order
  • Page aggregates and timestamps

Users can save photos, videos, voice records, or contact cards changed during your personal conversations. Individuals can export them to their private computer with just a click. Users of the iMessage App can also drag and drop a single addition to the desktop.

Run all the messages into the next or an appropriate device when you change phones. Users can connect your old and new phone and follow our wizard. The magic perception of the iMessage App takes charge of everything. It also operates for WhatsApp messages thanks to the unique app transfer solvent.

Never miss a message again. Thanks to the new full backup solution, all your discussions will be saved on the computer itself so they are not lost. Users can then free up memory on your phone and delete undesired messages and if users accidentally delete important chats, you’ll always have a copy at the computer.

Delete iMessage Apps

To delete or eliminate the iMessage App messages or chats, users need to acknowledge the below-mentioned steps y which it is much easier to find the relevant options.

Open iMessage App

  • Touch to start a new word or go to a conversation you want to delete.
  • Swipe left on the app section and tap the More icon.
  • Swipe left on that particular chat and tap on the Delete section.

Get Mac Support

Need assistance? Get the assistance users need for the Apple commodities you love, all in one place. Apple Support gives a personalized way to clarifications for all of the Apple products and services. Find out how to control your subscriptions, reset the Apple ID password, and more.

Talk to a real person to solve an issue or let them conduct you through the query step by step. If you require to set up a repair, Apple Support can get the best support choices in your area. You do not need to obtain an AppleCare + plan to practice the Apple Support app.

If you purchase an AppleCare + premium, the mortgage will be charged to the Apple ID account when the purchase is approved. For monthly payment plans, if accessible in your country or region, your account will be automatically debited within 24 hours after the end of the billing cycle.

You can maintain your regular payment plan by going to your account settings on the device after you complete the purchase. All methods can be withdrawn at any time under the terms of Apple Care +, which can be found at the official site.

If you bought AppleCare + Against Theft & Loss in the United States, your theft and loss insurance records are accessible at the documents. You can discover Apple’s privacy policy and see the actual official statements about the iMessage App.

Find iMessage apps in the app drawer

Your iOS device can hold thousands of messages, fond recollections, and photos with significant information that your attorney may require to use in a court case. iMessage App allows all the users to export the messages on Mac and PC and in different formats:

  • PDF: to protect the iconic visual integrity of messages, with text balloons, emoji, and graphics
  • Text – when all you require is plain text with no modifications
  • Excel or CSV: learn how to send all your messages into the Excel, Numbers, or the Google Sheets

iMessage App can also transport only the files connected to your messages, so users can save all the amazing photos your colleagues sent and even print the messages.

How to transfer messages from your iPhone to your computer

  • Launch the iMessage App and connect the device
  • Select the section from the sidebar and select Messages
  • Select a new chat or one or more messages you need to export
  • Press the Export button of your choice
  • Check the export possibilities
  • Choose a location on the computer

Detailed iMessage Tutorial

Launch the iMessage App on the computer and connect the device
Download and install iMazing. Launch the application and attach the device to your Mac or PC for backup.

Select your device in the sidebar and select Messaging. iMessage App will download the most recent backup to the device. If you have the most modern news, click the Refresh button on the toolbar to tell the iMessage App to obtain a more recent backup.

Select one or more discussions or messages that you need to export. If you select a conversation in the left section, you will see that the linked messages and attachments are presented in the column from the right.

iMessage App Message View, threading if you only need to save the messages, select them now. If individuals need to export multiple discussions in bulk, now is the time to choose them as well. Click one of the export buttons. In the toolbar at the underside of the iMessage window, match one of the export buttons.

History of iMessages

IMessage was published by Scott Forstall throughout the WWDC 2011 keynote lecture on June 6, 2011. A variant of the Messages app for iOS that recommends iMessage was attached to the iOS 5 update on the date October 12, 2011, October 16, 2011. In February 2012, Apple announced that a new messaging utilization would be a part of OS X Mountain Lion to replace iChat. Mountain Lion was released on July 25, 2012.

On October 23, 2012, Tim Cook the Apple CEO announced that Apple device users are sending 300 billion texts using iMessage and that Apple is transferring an average of 28,000 messages per second. In February 2016, Eddy Cue stated that the number of iMessages sent per second had grown to 200,000.

In May 2014, a legal step was taken toward Apple for an argument with messages sent via iMessage missing when a user changed from an Apple device to a non-Apple gadget. In November 2014, Apple fixed this issue by giving instructions and an online tool for unsubscribing from the iMessage App. A federal court rejected the lawsuit in favor of Apple.

On March 21, 2016, a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University issued a report that an attacker who prefers to encrypted iMessage texts could potentially decrypt all the photos and videos uploaded by the assistance and the services. The researchers delivered their results after Apple covered the vulnerability.

On May 3, 2016, application developer Eric Chee declared a separate open-source project called iMessage, which consists of the code for OS X that delivers with iMessage and connects to an Android client that allows Android or the client sends and accepts messages. Also, there are distinguishing features for the users in every official update by the firm.

On June 13, 2016, Apple published the addition of the app to the iMessage service accessible through the relevant messaging applications. Since iMessage On Android serves over the Internet, you can communicate and receive thousands of messages without interrupting the carrier account. And when you install iMessage For Windows, you can maintain your chat message on your desktop while your phone is loading.

Since there is no official variant of the iMessage App for Windows, users should follow these methods for now. If you have any trouble following these methods, feel free to discuss it below. We are here to assist you. In the event Apple withdraws the iMessage guide for other Windows computers, we will add download links hereabouts so you can bookmark us for later updates.

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